Interview…Director Sarah Adina Smith on Rami Malek and ‘Buster’s Mal Heart’

When it comes to head-scratchers, Buster’s Mal Heart is certainly one of them. So, when given the opportunity to speak to filmmakers about their craft and their project, we jumped at the chance. At Fantastic Fest we sat down with writer-director Sarah Adina Smith to talk about her second feature. While many answers to questions we had after the screening weren’t given, […]

"To Whom It May Concern": 10 Filmmakers Yet To Receive Love Letters

Terms like epic and legendary, even hysterical or action packed, are all superlatives that get thrown around in film reviews and comment threads ad nauseum. One such adjective that seems to be making more appearances is that of “love-letter”. This year we found two such instances where the aptly dropped superlative perfectly describes these homage laden films; both of […]

Latest Cinematic Meme…"15 Directors"

Hello World, Marc Here: Peter, the wise cinematic proprietor of Magic Lantern Film Blog named me in this fun and yet challenging meme titled “15 Directors”. Here I am charged with naming 15 directors who have help shape the way I look at motion pictures. Fun because like our Films That Defined Us post I can […]