[Fantastic Fest Interview]…Alexandre O. Philippe on ‘Memory: The Origins of Alien’

For four decades, the world, characters and mythology of Alien have permeated the minds (and nightmares) of film fans across the globe. In his latest doc, director Alexandre O. Philippe looks at all the titles that influenced young Dan O’Bannon, scribe of the 1979 horro classic, and how the film forever captured and changed the […]

G-S-T Review…Drafthouse Films’ The Act of Killing

Describing The Act of Killing as a film unlike any made in the medium’s short lifetime almost feels like the definition of hubris, or at least hyperbole. But Joshua Oppenheimer’s wholly unique exploration of the genocidal horrors lurking in Indonesia’s recent history earns every bit of the praise accorded it since making festival rounds this Spring (notably […]