G-S-T Review…Jack The Giant Slayer

There’s so much that’s so wrong with Jack the Giant Slayer that it’s difficult to know where to begin. Once upon a time, Bryan Singer actually made a pair of good movies in the 90s before churning out mediocre superhero movies and historical thrillers in the aughts. Somewhere in that timeline he also fell in with Peter […]

Sweet Trailer…'Snow White & The Hunstman'

The 2012 cinematic marketing campaigns are in full vigor it seems, boasting trailers almost as epic as the films they’re advertising. The AMAZING trailer for Prometheus hit on Saturday (which funny enough also stars Charlize Theron) and hitting just as hard is this one for Rupert Sanders’ Snow White & the Huntsman. Last week we showcased 4 featurettes […]

Sweet Trailer…'Snow White & The Huntsman' – UPDATED

Wow! I knew this other Snow White movie was going for a larger and grittier tone but I wasn’t expecting this. From Universal Pictures comes the Rupert Sanders directed take on the Snow White story we all know…or think we know. Combining the looks of the Lord of the Rings trilogy with a scale on par […]

G-S-T Review…The Disappearance of Alice Creed

Kidnapping movies have more or less the same outcome; the kidnappers get what they want or they don’t. It’s one of the most basic sub-genre of movies which, at the same time, makes it tough to be original. That said Alice Creed does give us a ransom film that’s not entirely predictable. High points for the […]