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    Off the Shelf…’Ant-Man’

    These days, the world of home video sees trends come and go with the arrival of each subsequent “big thing”. 3D is falling off fast, almost non-existent at this point, but once in a while it translates well from the big screen to the small(er) ones. Ant-Man, Marvel Studios’ little engine that could made a big splash earlier this year, and it is just as welcomed at home in this Blu-Ray release. Even if you don’t have a 3D set up, the film and its supplements won’t disappoint. Now those that do have the already outdated technology will revel in scenes that simply sing in the third dimension. As far…

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    G-S-T Review…Ant-Man

    If you think that comic book movies have reached their potential, and have gotten far too gritty and realistic, Ant-Man is the perfect palate cleanser. What is amazing about the film is that, barring the drama from Edgar Wright’s withdrawal, it works at all. A highly unlikely hero, and a diamond in the rough, Paul Rudd brings charm, delight, and that working class hero appeal to the role of Scott Lang (even though he is a burglar in the film). Ant-Man works on multiple levels and mainly, much like the success of famous horror movies, the familial element is what keeps this from being just a mindless, confusing and overblown action piece…

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    Sweet Trailer…’The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies’

    After more than a decade devoted to the amazing creatures of The Shire and all of Middle Earth, Peter Jackson will soon be saying good bye to his beloved series. Can’t say it hasn’t been fulfilling, and a tad overlong, but we’ve loved ever meandering second of the series. Also, we can’t wait until TNT inevitably runs all 6 films back to back (extended editions or not) and calls it “24 Hours of a Hobbit Story”. Pretty sure that’s what Jackson was aiming for all along – an alternative to A Christmas Story in December. Anyway, enjoy the teaser trailer that made hoards of fans at Comic Con happier than…

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    G-S-T Review…Real Steel

    Real Steel, simply put, is tons of fun. There’s decidedly more substance here than in the brainless rock ’em sock ’em excitement of this year’s Transformers 3. The distinction here is that Real Steel has the benefit of having significant human drama to compliment the grandeur and action on screen and that makes this story work. Moreover, it is funny, endearing, inspirational and better crafted than you might expect. That said, as this is the story of an unlikely hero it’s perfectly appropriate that Shawn Levy, a bit of an underdog himself, can bring us something fun and exciting to cheer for with lots of heart…and with robots no less.