Sweet Trailer…Alan Rickman in 'CBGB'

What is CBGB you ask? Well as the hilariously grungy Alan Rickman (yes, that’s Alan Rickman) tells us early in the trailer, it stands for “Country Blue Grass Blues“. Never heard of it? While it ain’t The Whiskey Bar it has been the spring board for some of the music world’s most iconic entertainers. This […]

The Hollywood Fantasy Draft II – "Broken Ties”

Last year Anomalous Material created the Hollywood Fantasy Draft. Man it was so much fun to play Studio Exec for a week or two. Sitting there, waiting, watching, hoping you’d get your top picks (or not) and biting your nails the whole time. Then when you got your choices of director and actors you start out to […]

Off the Shelf…'Planet Terror'

The write-up of this film comes, in part, because of this weeks release of the Machete trailer. Machete was one of the fake trailers created for this and the Quentin Tarantino Grindhouse “Double Feature”. As fans of Robert Rodriguez know, Double R is a filmmaker in his own category. He’s one part Roger Corman, one part John […]