Some Personal Thoughts on the Legacy and Future of Ghostbusters

Among the many dreadful remakes and reboots (those already released and those in some form of production) there has been one property that, thanks in large part to production snags, has seemingly retained its dignity and integrity. Well, it looks like those hurdles have been removed, or rather disregarded because as of right now, we are going to […]

Honestly, Does Anyone Really Live Happily Ever After??

(Note: This was written last year but since this post originally focused briefly on elements from theTransformers series, I thought I’d revisit it because the latest installment still kind of helps prove my earlier point.) Here’s something I’ve wondered ever since I’ve started watching films. What happens to the characters after the credits?? It’s something most […]

Ohhh, Look…'Cars 2' Inspired Cinematic Vehicles

For those of you who get their kicks on Route 66 from seeing cars with giant eyeballs, have a gander at these Pixar inspired interpretations (read: no actual Pixar affiliation) of famous film automobiles. Hey, I more or less like Cars (well, mainly just  Cars 2) and got a kick out of these, maybe you will […]

When Is It "Too Late" (Or Unnecessary) To Make A Sequel?

Inspired by the home video release of TRON: Legacy and the original TRON (for the first time on Blu Ray) hitting shelves today, I wanted to look at popular stand alone films/franchises that have several years (even decades) between installments. To date, some are good, some are bad and there are scheduled/rumored sequels to some older […]

Ohhh, look…Classic Movie Posters Re-imagined

A few weeks ago, /Film ran a post featuring the inspired artwork of very talented young artist Brandon Schaefer. While /Film showcased the more popular film posters, I went back to look at Brandon’s site. Well lucky I did, as I found more than a few surprises. However, the one I was most excited to […]