Groovers & Mobsters Present: "Time Travel"

Groovers and Mobsters is back with another installment and today we focus on one of the most fun elements in the sci-fi genre; Time Travel. DISCLAIMER: Timecrimes (Los cronocrímenes) is one ultra effective and yet amazingly simplistic look at time travel. I have reservations about writing anything as this fantastic film benefits from going in […]

Groovers & Mobsters Present: "The Buddy Flick"

In this installment of Groovers & Mobsters, we’re going to look at the “Buddy” element in modern films. It’s taken many forms over the years and come in a variety of iterations but today we’ll evaluate this absolute classic cinematic formula. It’s proven time and again to be a winner and, most of the time, makes for […]

Groovers & Mobsters Present: "Horror"

Well friends, it’s time again for another installment of Groovers & Mobsetrs Presents. Today we are going to look at the films that make this time of year all the more enjoyable. So fire up your DVD player (or Blu Ray player for those of you who’ve made the jump) and prepare yourself for scares, […]

Groovers & Mobsters Present: “The Action Film”

  This following is the next entry in a series of blog events spearheaded by Fandango Groovers and Movie Mobsters. Today we are all highlighting signature and essential films of the action genre (read Things That Explode). Go,See,Talk is happy to be asked back and contribute to this blog-a-thon once again. So lock n’ load action junkies […]

Groovers & Mobsters Present: “The Dark Comedy”

As per the gracious invite by Fandango Groovers and Movie Mobsters, we present Go,See,Talk‘s review of “Dr. Strangelove: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb“. Each month, special guests are asked to participate topic at hand. This month’s topic is The Dark Comedy. Click the graphic above to check out the other guest’s […]