“What’s New on Blu?” – Week of 10/28/13

Whether you rent or buy movies, Blu-ray offers the ultimate in sight and sound. Streaming is convenient, but if you plan on watching the movie more than once, you need Blu. So, What’s New On Blu? you ask. Well, good, bad or indifferent, Go,See,Talk offers up a trio of titles that are being released each week. Check […]

"The Halloween Monster Mash" Is Over!!

Well friends, “The Halloween Monster Mash” has come to a close. Over the past 4 weeks it’s been a knock down drag-out grudge match to crown the baddest horror monster. The match-ups have yielded some expected advances but also a few upsets here and there. But it’s all in anticipation and appreciation of Halloween so I hope […]

Sneak Peek – 'Halloween Monster Mash' Ranking Brackets

Hey all you scare seekers and gore hounds, we’ve got a preview of our highly anticipated upcoming tournament for you today! Our official voting in the Go, See, Talk Halloween Monster Mash doesn’t go live until this Sunday October 7th but we felt like giving you an idea of how all the contenders were seated in our little […]