Home Grown Texas Talent Interview Series – Writer/Director Derek Presley Discusses ‘Cronus’

Local filmmaker, Derek Presley, is a great friend of the site, and we’re always excited to help spread the word about his latest projects. Filmed here in DFW, and featuring contributions of a number of area trades persons, Cronus was filmed and produced over the course of two years. It’s a film about a genius […]

Exclusive: Director Jorge R. Gutierrez, Composer Gustavo Santaolalla, and Reel FX Creative Team Explain Story, Music and Mexican Heritage in ‘The Book of Life’

Back in August, writer/director Jorge R. Gutierrez gave a small presentation to select local press outlets at Reel FX studios. While there, we got to hear all about his film – from its humble beginnings to the nearly finished product – which is a co-production between the Dallas-based animation studio and 20th Century Fox. Last month we […]

Home Grown Texas Talent Interview Series – Stars/Director on ‘The Houses October Built’

One of the more imaginative horror movies to hit theaters this year is The Houses That October Built. Filmed in and around the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex a few years ago, it uses the concept of found footage and haunted house attractions being more than what they appear. Our buddy Mark Walters of BigFanBoy.com had a […]

Home Grown Texas Talent Interview Series – Film and TV Composer Darius Holbert Talks Peter Berg, Hulu and His Experiences in the Music Industry

Darius Holbert is an award-winning composer of music for film, TV, and new media and has written scores for a gaggle of international films and television shows. Less than a decade in the industry he’s already been afforded the opportunity to work with such film and TV luminaries as Robin Williams, Kevin Spacey, Bobcat Goldthwait, […]

Home Grown Texas Talent Interview Series – Writer/Director David Lowery on ‘Ain’t Them Bodies Saints’

In our last Home Grown Texas Talent interview (HGTT for short) we talked with local writer/director Derek Presley about his work and his latest short film which was screened at the Festival de Cannes. Today we speak with another talented individual whose passion for shorts and a focused narrative has made him an overnight sensation […]

Home Grown Texas Talent Interview Series – Writer/Director Derek Presley

For the past month, Summer has been in full swing here in Texas…well, truth be told, Summer really starts in April, but I digress. So while there are many ways to beat the heat this time of year, one of the dependable standbys is retreating to a darkened theater. As part of a new series […]