G-S-T TV: American Horror Story: Coven (3.1, "Bitchcraft")

In one episode, American Horror Story: Coven (“season 3”, in typical television vernacular) has established a keener focus than was seen in the whole stretch of last year’s Asylum. That’s an achievement in and of itself; Asylum, unlike the series’ premiere installment, Murder House, went all over the place and brought the kitchen sink back with it. […]

Announcement: Go,See,Talk presents The Halloween Monster Mash!

If you’re anything like us over at Go, See, Talk! when it comes to things that go “bump” in the night, then October likely holds distinction as one of the best movie months of the year. No other thirty day stretch (and change!) across the span of the calendar represents and impels celebration of a […]

Sweet Trailer…Barry Levinson's 'The Bay'

Academy Award-Winning director Barry Levinson has some solid hits on his hands and while this may be new territory for him this looks like another solid win. More like a mash up of a handful of genres than a straight-forward fright fest, The Bay plays with found footage/viral horror, zombie-like ghouls, paranoia and more as well as […]

Sweet (and Spooky) Trailer…'The Awakening'

These days you just don’t get a good looking and eerie old school ghost story. Bu those up for a scare, The Awakening, from the look of it, is more in line with Del Toro’s The Orphanage (or even The Devil’s Backbone) as opposed to the shock and awesome found in something like Insidious. That said, I’m […]

G-S-T Quick 5 – Great Filmmakers Who Began in Horror

I’m no film historian but I have noticed something consistent in the films I’ve seen. While there’s no surefire formula for success in Hollywood, it’s a good bet that if you want to make it big, you have to start in horror. Now many people may not enjoy horror films but there are a number […]