“What’s New on Blu?” – Week of 10/14/13

Whether you rent or buy movies, Blu-ray offers the ultimate in sight and sound. Streaming is convenient, but if you plan on watching the movie more than once, you need Blu. So, What’s New On Blu? you ask. Well, good, bad or indifferent, Go,See,Talk offers up a trio of titles that are being released each […]

Sweet Trailer…'Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom'

Nelson Mandela recently celebrated his 95th birthday and now we have the first real look at Idris Elba playing him in Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom. We just saw Elba cancel the apocalypse in Guillermo Del Toro’s Pacific Rim (check out our review), playing the bad ass he’s used to playing, and now he’s pretty unrecognizable […]

G-S-T Review…Pacific Rim

Let’s begin this review on the bluntest note possible: Pacific Rim is the summer’s best blockbuster by several leagues. That may read as grotesquely biased coming from someone who grew up on Ultraman, Ray Harryhausen, and Toho films and discovered mecha anime titles in his college years; it probably doesn’t help my case that Guillermo […]

Sweet Trailer…'Thor: The Dark World'

Marvel’s Cinematic Universe: Phase Two continues with Iron Man 3 (which hits theaters this May) but there’s one superhero we’re even more excited to see again. After The Avengers, some may have forgotten we still had a few more stand-alone character sequels to come from the Marvel Universe on the big screen but this Fall we’ll see […]

G-S-T Review…Prometheus

Prometheus, industrious and monstrously ambitious, deserves to be seen divorced from hype and hubris. Admittedly, that’s scarcely a small feat. Few films released in 2012 carry with them the massive weight of expectations which Prometheus bears on its shoulders. That’s just how things go for any production intent on serving as the precursor to cinematic iconography; in […]

“The CineMagic 8-Ball” – In Theaters 6/08/12

When so many movies are released each weekend and trailers often seem better than the movie itself, what should one do? In this precarious situation, we consult the The CineMagic 8-Ball (TM) to help us see through the nebulous marketing haze. Doing so just might save us all a disheartening trip to the cinema and spare us unnecessarily springing for $7 […]

Sweet Trailer…'Prometheus'

We don’t usually post on the weekend but as this is a trailer for one of G-S-T’s three most anticipated films of 2012 (and from SIR Ridley Scott no less) we are happy to bend the rules just  a little. For your viewing pleasure, behold, the first FULL trailer for the quasi-Alien prequel Prometheus… When it was […]

Update On Guillermo del Toro Creature Based Sci-Fi Flick 'Pacific Rim'

Since 2006 Guillermo del Toro has had over a dozen projects in some form of development to his credit (with him either as a writer, director, creative consultant, etc.). His upcoming sci-fi film is the first project that he’s both written and directed since Hellboy II: The Golden Army. So what can we expect from […]

Ohhh, Look…Insane Behind the Scenes Reel for ‘Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance’

In the comic book world, adaptations can swing wildly from perfection to utter tragedy with a handful of films finding home in the middle ground. In the past I’ve gone on about which comic films have been good, bad and break evens but filmmakers are finding their groove these days and most of those films are putting their […]

Sweet (Teaser) Trailer…'Prometheus'

For the last three days we’ve been teased about the forthcoming teaser to Ridley Scott’s Prometheus. The so-called prequel to his first iconic sci-fi film Alien this takes place long before the Nostromo crew first touched down on LV-426. From the looks of it we can expect to learn a little more about the Space […]