Do We Over-Hype A Movie Into Disappointment??

TRON: Legacy comes out this Friday and along the path to the theatrical release I have found myself more and more drawn to the film. I’m firmly on the bandwagon but I still find myself very apprehensive about how it will all play out. Amidst the staggering press and publicity we’ve seen a long running […]

What Is Your ‘Unbelievable’ Threshold For a Film?

In nearly every film ever made and recorded in the Halls of Cinema (that’s not a real place but wouldn’t be cool if it was?) there is at least one element of story that is completely unbelievable. I’m not even talking about giant robots, super powers or things of that nature, no I’m talking about […]

How Much “Magic” Do Films Lose From the Theater to Your Home?

My guess is that anyone reading this just flat-out loves movies. That said, I want to bring up an issue I’ve been kicking around the old noggin…and it just so happens to be about our little vice. To start this off, I’d like to bring up a situation that most of you have probably experienced […]

Sorry Romero, the "Zombie Genre" Has Gotten Flawed

Over the past few weeks I have been becoming re-acquainted with my favorite zombie films. My personal un-holy trinity of “zead” flicks has to be the original Night of the Living Dead, the Zack Snyder remake of Dawn of the Dead and Edgar Wright’s Shaun of the Dead. The three together showcase the simultaneous fun/fear factor of Zombie films, the […]

New vs. Used – How Do You Buy Your Movies?

As movie a self-proclaimed “movie fanatic”, I can tell you that I have been watching movies all my life. Along the way I’ve acquired up a library I’m pretty proud of that I believe reflects my tastes quite nicely, if I do say so myself. Now I’m not bragging but own a lot of DVD/BD […]

5 (Hypothetical) Ways Studios Could Offset High Ticket Prices for Movie Goers…

Sure seems like going to the movies these days almost requires one to take out a loan. While everyone, I figure, is now aware of the increase in 3D ticket prices we can safely say that all across the board, movie tickets and going to the theater just doesn’t cost what it used to. Further, […]

G-S-T makes the 'IMDb Hit List' Again…Wow!

Hello World, Marc Here: When we started Go, See,Talk! we loved writing about the things we loved writing about: namely movies. While I try to keep my self from being a self-promoter, something happened that I just had to tell you all about. Last December, our post “Does Nostalgia Make a Movie Better Than It Is?” was […]

Novel Adaptations: Or How I Stopped Worrying About Getting Everything On Screen…

I just picked up Angels & Demons on Blu Ray yesterday and reminded me of my experience reading this fascinating page turner and then seeing the movie some months later.  The movie was a much better adaptation than The DaVinci Code, but it still left me wanting.  This post goes out to all the fans […]

Does ‘Nostalgia’ Make a Movie Better Than It Is?

After seeing Blade Runner for the first time about 6 years ago, I have been wondering ever since “why the world is infatuated with Blade Runner?” I’ll admit it looks cool but I don’t think it’s that great a movie. Sure, it gets high points for style and imagery but the ending alone killed it […]