Off the Shelf…’Pom Poko’

Without fail, and regardless of the plot, there are a number of similar and familiar themes running through every Studio Ghibli feature. Yet among the most prominent – feminism, and characters far removed from their element or comfort zones – environmentalism is a common through line. Co-founder Isao Takahata isn’t normally known for a lot of […]

Ohhh, Look…New Images From Studio Ghibli's 'The Tale of Princess Kaguya'

Last time we looked in on the legendary Studio Ghibli we were thrilled to hear of not one but two films on the horizon. The first was the Miyazaki directed WWII themed film The Wind Rises which was released in July in Japan. Next up is the Isao Takahata directed feature The Tale of Princess Kaguya which will recount […]

Ohhh, Look…Teaser Posters For Studio Ghibli's Upcoming Features

It’s no secret that we at G-S-T adore the famous animation powerhouse that Hayao Miyazaki, Isao Takahata and Toshio Suzuki built. In fact, I should say ジブリさん愛. Anyway if you, like us, can’t get enough from those animation Gods, then we have FANTASTIC news for you. Both Miyazaki-san and Takahata-san are at the helm for the two […]

Isao Takahata's 'Grave of the Fireflies' Getting Live-Action Treatment

If you’re an anime fan, and further familiar with the films of Studio Ghibli, you’ll know Grave of the Fireflies is one of the best (but also the most depressing) animated films of all time. The story follows two siblings, 14 year old Seita and his 4 year old sister Setsuko, struggling to survive in the aftermath […]

At Least Three New Studio Ghibli Projects Supposedly In Development

Studio Ghibli is never content to rest on their laurels or let the ink dry. Their charming and wonderful film from 2010 The Secret World of Arrietty will finally hit U.S. theaters this Friday (look for a G-S-T review then as well). Also, From Up On Poppy Hill (the second effort from Hayao Miyazaki’s son Goro Miyazaki) was released last July in Japan. It […]

"Miyazaki Madness" Is Over!!

Well friends, “Miyazaki Madness” is officially over. We’ve had 4 weeks of match ups, voting, comments and best of all, appreciation for the films of Studio Ghibli! In total, the tournament brought in nearly 10,000 visitors, racked up nearly 300 votes and I have to say it was a tremendous turnout! Thank you all for stopping by […]

"Miyazaki Madness" Championship Round [POLLS CLOSED]

Well Ghibli fans, it all comes down to this!! The last three weeks have seen some heartbreaking losses as the polls have yielded some surprising upsets. But more importantly we have a finals round that really gives a great cross section of diversity of the films from Studio Ghibli. I asked for a tournament to give us “The Greatest […]

"Miyazaki Madness" Third Round – The Final Four! [POLLS CLOSED]

Well friends, the second round of “Miyazaki Madness” has closed and we now have only 4 challengers left. In the Elite 8 round we had to say goodbye to fan favorite Princess Mononoke, the short but sweet The Cat Returns, the criminally overlooked Whisper of the Heart and one of my newfound favorites Castle in the Sky. Tis […]

"Miyazaki Madness" Second Round – The Elite 8 [POLLS CLOSED]

Wow, what a bunch of heart breaks and blow outs this first round, huh? Hayao’s Spirited Away steamrolls over his son Goro’s first feature Tales From Eathsea. Princess Mononoke beat out the equally matched and favored Nausicaa. Pom Poko was no match for Ghibli poster boy Totoro and my dear lord did Porco Rosso get […]

"Miyazaki Madness" Starts TODAY!! First Round – The Sweet 16 [POLLS CLOSED]

These are the match-ups for the first round Sweet 16 Bracket in the “Miyazaki Madness“. Voting will stay open for 1 week. Cast your votes and don’t forget to comment at the bottom… Click the image above for a hi-rez version of the bracket and start voting after the jump…

"Miyazaki Madness" Selection/Ranking Sunday

OK friends, we are just one day away from the big show. I’ve evaluated all the films, taken reader emails into consideration and now have the rankings for “Miyazaki Madness“. Below is the bracket for the start of the tournament. Tomorrow we start voting and I can’t wait to see the results! Have a look […]

"Miyazaki Madness" 101…The Films of Studio Ghibli

With “Miyazai Madness” just days away I thought it appropriate to put together a little Studio Ghibli “cheat sheet” for all the films in the tournament. Below you’ll find the synopsis of each film so if you haven’t seen it, at least you’ll know the back story while the voting is going on. Hopefully it will give […]