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    Sweet Trailer…Tom Hanks in ‘News of the World’

    Seems that even in a pandemic, you can’t keep a good Hanks down. First of all, he and his wife Rita beat the Coronavirus. And shortly after that, his WWII actioner, Greyhound, was released in early Summer. And for his third feat of 2020, he headlines a moving period-piece, set in the plains of Texas, about a war veteran helping return a young girl to her family. Paul Greengrass’ new film – a Western written and directed by Greengrass (based upon the novel by Paulette Jiles) – finds him reuniting with his star from their 2013 Best Picture nominee Captain Phillips. Looks like another winning project for the both of…

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    A Decade Full of Memories: The Life and Times of Go,See,Talk!

    Hey, GST fans. Today is a special day in Internet history. I’m proud to share with you that it’s been a full decade since I started this site! ​​For this anniversary/editorial post, I wanted to write more than a catch-all piece recapping highlights from the previous year. Well, there is some of that below, but I hope this look back can also offer a way forward – tips along with lessons learned – for aspiring film journalists or hobbyists like myself. In a way, I’m speaking to me in 2009, and on that note, I can’t help think of Christopher Lloyd’s famous line from Back to the Future, “My God. Has…

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    Director Matt Schrader and Team Launch SCORE: The Podcast

    A few years ago, we got to speak with Matt Schrader while he was in the thick of amassing his one-of-a-kind feature film, SCORE: A Film Music Documentary. While things were a work in progress, Schrader offered up plenty – everything from his love of film scores, the impetus for the doc as well as the staggering number of high-profile artists he had already sat with. Check out that insightful piece here. When the film finally hit theaters (during a very successful run on the film festival circuit and beyond), the doc was ever so much more than discerning, demanding and devout film score fans expected. For all involved, calling…

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    FourScore Match-Up #20: “The Colossus of Clout”

    This year, on the 60th anniversary of Ishiro Honda’s landmark film, we’ll get to see Gareth Edwards’ reinvention of the world-famous Toho monster. In the subsequent decades since Godzilla first lumbered out of the water we’ve see other mightily impressive creatures (with some equally impressive firepower) blaze across the screen yet of the biggest and baddest Gojira reigns supreme. Over the years he’s retained the title of “King of the Monsters” but he didn’t earn his moniker easily – there are some memorable, and equally gargantuan, baddies who can and have gone toe-to-toe with Toho’s big screen icon. Today we look up, way up, like into the clouds up to see…

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    Exclusive: Video Interview…Film Composer James Newton Howard

    Oscar-nominated film composer James Newton Howard was invited to Dallas to perform some of his favorite and well known cinematic themes as the first performance kicking-off the 2012 Masters of Film Music series with the Dallas Symphony Orchestra. But before he conducted his fantastic live retrospective concert, he agreed to meet with G-S-T for an exclusive interview. Due to Mr. Howard’s hectic schedule we had to break our session with him into two parts. As you’ll see and hear in the video, he was extremely down to earth and answered a wealth of questions. We discussed a wide range of topics from his roots, his inspiration/motivation, his process and more. Enjoy this insightful sit down with…

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    James Newton Howard – Live At The Meyerson Symphony Center

    To kick-off the 2012 program in the Masters of Film Music series, the Dallas Symphony Orchestra invited Oscar-nominated film composer James Newton Howard to perform a collection of his favorite and well known cinematic themes. With over 100 films to his name and 27 years experience scoring films he’s a legend in film circles and has become one of the most versatile, dynamic and in-demand musicians in his field. Howard had been asked several times by the Dallas Symphony to come and play a series of his themes.Howard admits, as he told us in our exclusive with him, that he had always wanted to do this and finally decided now was the right time. Listening to…

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    Dallas Symphony Hosts “Masters of Film Music” with James Newton Howard

    James Newton Howard’s diverse and expansive musical resume has taken audiences from the stone age to outer space and from the depths of the earth to the top of the Empire State Building. This week, Oscar-nominated composer James Newton Howard will be coming to Dallas to play a very limited engagement with the Dallas Symphony Orchestra. This special 2 night event will feature Howard playing a number of his most famous themes at the Meyerson Symphony Center from January 13th -14th. In celebration of his upcoming performance, we at G-S-T want to take a brief look back at the amazing career of one of the finest working composers in the film world.

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    FourScore Match-Up #11: “How High the Sci-Fi?”

    When we look to the stars what do we think of? Is it the desire to travel beyond them, engage in adventures (and misadventures) with alien compadres or do we wish to meet a star voyager come to Earth? But what happens when we finally meet said traveler…do they come in peace, or are they a threat? Today’s FourScore pits four truly spacey composers against one another regardless of how benign or malignant those characters in question may be. But which will take the prize and be the ace of space?? Is it the the tale of the hardworking (is it too much to call him a spaced out) lunar custodian? Is the story…