G-S-T Review…Solomon Kane

I don’t know if I’m doing Solomon Kane any favors by discussing its common ancestry; connecting the film to a gene pool that contains Van Helsing and Season of the Witch brands it with a very specific set of very low expectations. In fact, I may be damning Solomon Kane with faint praise when I say […]

Lionsgate to Release British All-Star Adaptation of 'Great Expectations'

The film world loves sure loves its adaptations of famous literary works doesn’t it? After all, as Mark Twain once said, classics are what everybody wants to have read but nobody wants to read…or something like that. Titles like Treasure Island, Jane Eyre, A Christmas Carol have seemingly been done to death, and now Great Expectations […]

Sweet Trailer…'Ironclad'

Here we have the official trailer for a film we head about years ago it seems…no wait that was for Purefoy’s other Medeval film Solomon Kane. Anyway, set shots and trailers for Ironclad have been hitting recently but this seems to be one of the better ones…though, isn’t that the case for Brititsh trailers?:P Sure looks […]