G-S-T Review…Margaret

Here’s an ethics question for everyone: Would you do something wrong (read: bend the truth or just flat-out lie) to save your own hide or someone else’s because in the long run you know it’s a decision for the greater good? The film Margaret attempts to answer that in a very nebulous manner. In some ways it’s a […]

Groovers & Mobsters Present: “The Action Film”

  This following is the next entry in a series of blog events spearheaded by Fandango Groovers and Movie Mobsters. Today we are all highlighting signature and essential films of the action genre (read Things That Explode). Go,See,Talk is happy to be asked back and contribute to this blog-a-thon once again. So lock n’ load action junkies […]

Off the Shelf…'Leon' (The Professional)

Before I begin any of this little praise fest for one of my favorite movies, I’d just like to say that the world needs more Luc Besson films. In my own opinion I think that if George Lucas had been friends with Luc Besson we would have been treated to Star Wars prequel films that […]

G-S-T Review…Couples Retreat

I went into Couples Retreat wanting to enjoy the allure, the fun and the humor advertised in the trailer.  What I got was a disappointment which mirrored the on-screen let down that the characters of this film experienced when arriving at Eden Resort.  I usually have a pretty good track record when it comes to […]