G-S-T Quick 5 – Favorite Chris Messina Films

Last week saw the release of Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris ‘ highly entertaining ensemble indie comedy Ruby Sparks. While high marks go to the directing duo (who also gave us Little Miss Sunshine) and even higher ones going to star/writer Zoe Kazan, this post is an effort to highlight the unsung hero of that charming and […]

42nd Annual USA Film Festival – Schedule of Events

April is a busy month if you’re a film fan and from state to state you’ll likely find no shortage of great (sometimes back to back) film festivals. New York has Tribeca, Boston has the Independent Film Festival of Boston (which our own Andrew Crump is covering) and Dallas has two that nearly overlap. The Dallas […]

Sweet Trailer…'The Giant Mechanical Man'

From Dallas native Lee Kirk comes this charming and quirky ensemble romantic comedy akin to Little Miss Sunshine or Garden State. Playing the titular Mechanical Man is Chris Messina (one of the standout performances in Devil) as he and Jenna Fischer help each other to realize that in this crazy world it only takes one person […]