FourScore Match-Up #8: “It Came From Outer Space”

We’ve heard that expression tons of times and proceeding those very ominous words we’ve seen a wide range of alien life come to Earth via the Silver Screen. Some want to help us and some try to collect us. Others want to either meet and greet us, or just plain eat us. One thing is […]

FourScore Match-Up #5: “Another World, Another Time”

When filmmakers tell a story, the visual fantasy is only about as good as the auditory one. It seems the only way to move the story and the characters along with an engaging pace is to really take the audience along for the ride. Annnd how is that accomplished? By composing a score so amazing and moving […]

Off the Shelf…'Hook'

I think it’s fair to say that a great many people overlook this film and it wasn’t really popular when it came out, but over the years I have learned to love Hook. Steven Spielberg can almost do no wrong and while this is a departure from the actioners he is known to helm, this still […]