Sweet (International) Trailer…'Robocop'

Fan boys the world over (and film fans in general) are having trouble accepting Jose Padilha’s upcoming RoboCop remake. As we’ve seen many stories we cinephiles hold dear suffer a disastrous facelift (I’m looking at you Total Recall) it’s only a matter of time before everything gets remade and sorry Verhoeven fans, this too is […]

Michael Keaton Takes Hugh Laurie's Role in 'Robocop' Remake

Right when Jose Padilha‘s all-star Robocop remake was looking like it was going to be the biggest thing ever, it hit some snags. One of which were some of the director’s ideas that raised some eyebrows. Beyond that, one of the initial hits taken in the pre-production was the loss of Hugh Laurie from the project. But […]