Interview…’V/H/S: Viral’ Directors Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead

The purported final leg in the horror anthology series, V/H/S: VIRAL screened at the 2014 Fantastic Fest. In short, it was nuts but the crowd just loved it. Now, outside of the festival circuit, this installment might have fans and critics split, but we thoroughly enjoyed it. Click here to read our review from Fantastic […]

[Fantastic Fest Review]…V/H/S: Viral

Horror anthologies don’t come along all that often. But thanks to Brad Miska, fans of Creepshow, and similar short-form storytelling would no longer lament the lack of fantastic but short glimpses into strange horror themed universes. V/H/S, and its sequel, went all out and brought the idea of “found footage” horror to new levels. Depending […]