Off the Shelf…’Cop Car’

In Jon Watts‘ simplistic thriller, Kevin Bacon portrays a shady police officer who oozes unsavory from the very first moment we see him. Forget that the film starts with him dragging a body to dump in makeshift, yet well-worn pit in some clandestine location. Most of the time, Bacon has a uniquely effortless way of telegraphing that […]

G-S-T Review…X-Men: First Class

Going into yet another X-Men film would make even the most die hard fan weary. I mean, after the last two strike outs this seemed like the last at bat for The Uncanny. But dear friends, in this stylized throwback Singer wound up, hurled one over the plate and Vaughn knocked that grapefruit back, waaay back and […]

Off the Netflix Queue…’Taking Chance’

Now I just want to start off by saying this is going to be a little different from our traditional Off the Shelf write-ups. This movie was suggested to me by our good friend Castor after my write-up of The Messenger. Though before I start the write up, let me just say that this movie […]