James Bond January – ’Casino Royale’

The last of our entries in the James Bond January series, we’re ending with perhaps my second favorite Bond film. Here we find a young James finding his spy legs as the ink on his newly printed 007 business cards is still drying. In what is essentially an “origin story” (big trend in American cinema […]

Sweet (Teaser) Trailer…’Green Lantern’

Well the hits just keep on coming don’t they? We thought two pretty sweet trailers in one day was enough. But as yesterday was just chock full of teaser/trailer goodness  it seems there’s more fun to be had this week. Most of you have probably seen the Entertainment Tonight “first look” clip and intriguing as […]

Sneak Peek…Green Lantern, Cars 2, Cowboys & Aliens and Pirates 4

Calling all you film fans, have I got a mixed bag of awesome to start off your Monday! Let’s begin with something that dropped on Friday. Here we have a first look at Ryan Reynolds as the titular character in Martin Campbell‘s upcoming Green Lantern. This video should be a good amount of eye candy […]