Michael Giacchino – Live At The Meyerson Symphony Center

Oscar-winning film composer Michael Giacchino has won hearts around the world with his themes to Up, Star Trek, Lost among many others. The Dallas Symphony Orchestra invited Michael to conduct a retrospective concert this past weekend and it was an experience to say the least. His already thrilling music became even more vibrant as it echoed off […]

Exclusive: Video Interview…Film Composer Michael Giacchino

To close out their Masters of Film Music series, the Dallas Symphony Orchestra has invited Oscar-winning film composer Michael Giacchino (pronounced “Juh-keen-oh“) to conduct a retrospective concert from May 18th – 20th. The set list, which he’s calling Stories of Islands, Balloons and Space, will include a number of his most popular and well-loved themes/music including Lost, Up, Star Trek, Super 8 and Ratatoulie. While […]

Exclusive: Interview…Film Composer Michael Giacchino

This week, Oscar-winning film composer Michael Giacchino (Star Trek, Super 8, Up, The Incredibles) will hold an exclusive 3 night engagement with the Dallas Symphony Orchestra. The retrospective concert experience will feature a set list of Giacchino’s finest works with an added bonus; Michael himself will be conducting his well-loved themes at the Meyerson Symphony Center from May 18th – 20th. In a very fun […]

Dallas Symphony Hosts “The Masters of Film Music” w/ Michael Giacchino

Oscar-winner, Pixar golden boy and creator of some of the catchiest and most memorable tunes in recent years, Michael Giacchino’s musical genius knows no bounds. His exciting, weighty and frenetic themes have been the unseen heart and soul in stories great and small, from video games and TV shows all the way up to big budget […]

Ohhh, Look…Sound and Scoring Featurette for 'John Carter'

Andrew Stanton’s first foray into live action filmmaking hit theaters hard this weekend (but not enough to take the top spot at the box office). While the visuals transported us to an otherworldly epic so too did the sound and music of John Carter. In this featurette, Oscar-winning film composer Michael Giacchino and Supervising Sound Editor Jonathan Null of […]

FourScore Match-Up #10: "Evolution of the PIXAR Score"

The Pixar catalog has grown by leaps and bounds in the past 25 years. While they have won countless millions of hearts in all age ranges, Pixar has come from being a cutsey little animation company (started by John Lasseter, Ed Catmull and Steve Jobs) making commercials to an animation powerhouse. They are gifted story telllers who […]

The 82nd Academy Awards: Na'vi for "Suck it, Cameron"

Well boy was I very very impressed with the Oscars last night. While I’m not going to do a very thorough recap of the Oscar, I’ll simply say that they again were an amazing success. Following a similar path to the look and feel of last year’s show (hosted by master-classman Hugh Jackman), the 82nd […]

Off the Shelf…'Star Trek'

I can proudly say that after years of being a “born and raised” Star Wars fan, I am now starting to lean the other way…no, not the Dark Side, but I believe I am becoming a “neo-Trekker”. Weird, but this is the best ‘sci-fi’ film I’ve seen in a while and it really got me considering the […]