Sweet UK Trailer…'Monsters University'

Well, this is a pleasant early-morning, post-blizzard (for you North Easterners!) treat. I’m still not sold on a return trip to the Monsters, Inc. universe, but it’s hard for me to watch the full trailer for Pixar’s prequel to that picture, the inventively titled Monsters University, without cracking a partial smile. But don’t take my […]

Pixar Goes Viral With Actual 'Monsters University' Website

Well, nobody ever accused Pixar of being anything other than creative, thoughtful, and detail-oriented. The animation studio’s next film, Monsters University, marks the first prequel they’ve ever entertained as a company, and while there’s been some hand-wringing over the project based on concerns over originality, it’s hard to feel that much anxiety over their 2013 offering […]