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    Dallas Symphony Presents Joe Cocker and Huey Lewis & The News in July

    Taking a breather from movie news and trailers, we have word on something extraordinary happening in Dallas next month. The Dallas Symphony will be holding a very special engagement with two legendary musicians. On Friday July 20, 2012 the Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center will have Joe Cocker and Huey Lewis & The News share top billing for a one-night-only, can’t miss show. Joe Cocker is one of the most popular artists in the world, known for his bluesy, rhythmic style, gritty vocals and eccentric stage presence. Combining soul and R&B with rock and power ballads, Joe Cocker creates an inimitable style instantly recognized and celebrated. America fell in love…

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    Michael Giacchino – Live At The Meyerson Symphony Center

    Oscar-winning film composer Michael Giacchino has won hearts around the world with his themes to Up, Star Trek, Lost among many others. The Dallas Symphony Orchestra invited Michael to conduct a retrospective concert this past weekend and it was an experience to say the least. His already thrilling music became even more vibrant as it echoed off every surface in the majestic hall of the Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center. That plus the amazing contributions from the University of Texas at Arlington Festival choir helped make the themes you thought you knew and loved even more colorful on the evenings of May 18th – 20th. The air in the symphony hall before Michael…

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    Exclusive: Video Interview…Film Composer Michael Giacchino

    To close out their Masters of Film Music series, the Dallas Symphony Orchestra has invited Oscar-winning film composer Michael Giacchino (pronounced “Juh-keen-oh“) to conduct a retrospective concert from May 18th – 20th. The set list, which he’s calling Stories of Islands, Balloons and Space, will include a number of his most popular and well-loved themes/music including Lost, Up, Star Trek, Super 8 and Ratatoulie. While he’s garnered plenty of acclaim and accolades this will be one of the few time he’s ever conducted his work. But before he takes the stage for his 3 night engagement (the first time that an orchestra in the United States has performed a complete range of his work), he agreed to meet with G-S-T for an exclusive interview. Join…

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    Dallas Symphony Hosts “The Masters of Film Music” w/ Michael Giacchino

    Oscar-winner, Pixar golden boy and creator of some of the catchiest and most memorable tunes in recent years, Michael Giacchino’s musical genius knows no bounds. His exciting, weighty and frenetic themes have been the unseen heart and soul in stories great and small, from video games and TV shows all the way up to big budget animated films and blockbusters. If you were emotionally invested in any Pixar, Bad Robot or other adventure/sci-fi production in the last decade, you were no doubt under the spell of maestro Michael Giacchino. This week, acclaimed film composer Michael Giacchino will hold an exclusive 3 night engagement with the Dallas Symphony Orchestra. The retrospective concert experience will feature a set list of…

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    ‘Casablanca’ – Live At The Meyerson Symphony Center

    For many people around the world, Casablaca is more than just a film. It sits near the top of countless Top 10 lists and you could use a multitude of positive superlatives to describe this iconic and classic film. Actually, you might be hard pressed to find a source that doesn’t talk about it without the utmost praise. This time-tested story about the events in that small corner of the world are way more than the sum of the parts. On the evenings of April 5th – 7th, the Dallas Symphony Pops Series held a special presentation of Casablanca which featured Max Steiner’s original orchestral score playing alongside the film. If…

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    James Newton Howard – Live At The Meyerson Symphony Center

    To kick-off the 2012 program in the Masters of Film Music series, the Dallas Symphony Orchestra invited Oscar-nominated film composer James Newton Howard to perform a collection of his favorite and well known cinematic themes. With over 100 films to his name and 27 years experience scoring films he’s a legend in film circles and has become one of the most versatile, dynamic and in-demand musicians in his field. Howard had been asked several times by the Dallas Symphony to come and play a series of his themes.Howard admits, as he told us in our exclusive with him, that he had always wanted to do this and finally decided now was the right time. Listening to…

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    Dallas Symphony Hosts “Masters of Film Music” with James Newton Howard

    James Newton Howard’s diverse and expansive musical resume has taken audiences from the stone age to outer space and from the depths of the earth to the top of the Empire State Building. This week, Oscar-nominated composer James Newton Howard will be coming to Dallas to play a very limited engagement with the Dallas Symphony Orchestra. This special 2 night event will feature Howard playing a number of his most famous themes at the Meyerson Symphony Center from January 13th -14th. In celebration of his upcoming performance, we at G-S-T want to take a brief look back at the amazing career of one of the finest working composers in the film world.

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    Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers – Live at the Meyerson Symphony

    Most everyone on the planet knows Steve Martin, the comedic star of stage and screen for over 40 years. But while most know this Steve Martin, or this Steve Marin, those who didn’t grow up listening to his early comedy will find it hard to believe that this is also Steve Martin. On Thursday August 25th, Steve and the fantastic Bluegrass band the Steep Canyon Rangers played a multitude of tunes that transformed the magnificent and prestigious Meyerson Symphony Center into a quaint upbeat music hall and, personally speaking, literally turned me into a bluegrass fan overnight.