Blog-A-Thon: 'Houdini's Magic Ticket'

Hello World, Marc Here, Today we get to partake in one of the most fun Blog-A-Thon’s I’ve ever been party to. Dan at has created a doozy of an event that has probably stumped many a film fan with this infinitely creative cinematic quandary. “What would you do if you were given Houdini’s Magic Ticket from […]

"The R-Rated Lunch Box" Blog-A-Thon

Welcome one and all to Go,See,Talk’s third and final Multi-Blog-A-Thon. The rules for today are very simple: Since kids should all be back to school by then, it’s kind of a throwback goof on the lunchboxes we went to school with. You know, the plastic (or metal) ones that had the Thermos inside. Well instead of G.I. Joe, Care Bears, […]

"Cool Off With the Classics" Blog-A-Thon

Hello film fans! I’d like to welcome one and all to our August Blog-A-Thon and to start things off I have just one question for you all…Is it hot enough for you?? This time of year is the perfect opportunity to relish in the films of old and staying indoors to do so is a good way […]

"Double Feature Theater" Blog-A-Thon

Welcome everyone to Go,See,Talk’s Double Feature Theater (or Theatre to our UK friends)!! Who doesn’t love a good double feature? Even if one movie turns out crappy you still get a good flick under your belt right? In this Blog-A-Thon I have assigned each of our participants a theater of their very own and asked them to […]

Announcement: Go,See,Talk Summer Blog-A-Thons (July-September) – UPDATED

Hello World, Marc here: Hope everyone had a good weekend and those state side had a fun fulled 4th of July. I’ve had some thoughts on my mind about events that some of you may really enjoy. That said consider this an open invitation for everyone to participate in the 3 following Blog-A-Thons. Details after […]

A Life In Movies – Presented By Fandango Groovers

Andy at Fandango Groovers Movie Blog has put together one doozy of a blog event. So simple yet so brilliant. Titled “A Life In Movies” He’s asked us to hi-light one movie for every year since we were born. Easier said than done as so many great films came out in the 80’s it’s hard to lock […]

Anomalous Material Presents: Desert Island CD Blog-A-Thon

Last year, Andy of Fandango Groovers spearheaded the amazingly sucessful and infectious Desert Island DVD blog event. This year Castor from the bodacious Anomalous Material has decided to one up our fellow Brit with an event of equal magnitude. What’s that you ask? Well this time around, our desert island get away will be void of […]

"All I Want Is A Couple Days Off…"

…to quote the great Huey Lewis. Hello everyone, Marc here. Just a quick note to tell all you G-S-T readers out there that I’ll be traveling for business over the next week or so. That said, there will be no new posts for a little while; sad I know. Although I do have one or two […]

Calling All Fellow Bloggers: Upcoming Blog Event!!

This is just a reminder that all short-links are to be emailed to me by August 7th/8th. I aim to publish all posts that following Friday, August 13th at 7:00 am (central time) .

Desert Island DVDs…The Elite Eight

Joining in a multi-blog topic started by the sweet site Fandango Groovers, today’s post is a fun cinematic exercise. Andy asked us to give our input on the following hypothetical situation: “Were you to be stranded on a Desert Island, what 8 films would you take with you?”…provided they had electricity, a decent video set […]