Exclusive: Interview…David Harbour Talks Hats, Homages, and Jim Hopper in Netflix’s ‘Stranger Things’

We hope by now you have been able to check out the Netflix show, Stranger Things. An exceptional production, and even as a throwback yarn, it is far more than just the sum of its superficial ’80s parts. Aside from the story, and how expertly this is told, the characters truly grab you (check out our […]

Off the Netflix Queue…’Stranger Things’

If you want one good example why television and long-format stories are continually trumping modern cinematic endeavors, look no further than The Duffer Brothers‘ Netflix series, Stranger Things. When thinking of all the positive and glowing attributes this tiny show encapsulates, it’s almost too much to put into words. The feelings and emotions you’ll have […]

Off the Netflix Queue…'The Red Violin'

Go,See,Talk is proud to present this Off the Shelf/Netflix Queue entry as the first post from our new contributing writer Jessica. She’ll be making more appearances on the site in the next few months and we’re glad to have her aboard. So enjoy her view and welcome her to G-S-T. I am drawn to films […]

Netflix Instant – Death Dealer to the Personal Video Library?

They say that video killed the radio star, and frankly if it wasn’t true they wouldn’t have written a song about it right? Well friends, as per the news from last week, I guess in a few years time we might hear a tune touting how Netflix killed the video store…and I’m guessing a slew of film fans’ personal […]

Woah, Netflix and Starz Entertainment Part Ways

As if news of the Netflix pricing increase (or jack if you ask me) wasn’t enough of a blow to loyal Netfilx customers, today’s news is another unexpected body blow. For those who have fallen in love with the Instant Feature, this will sadden you to hear that Starz (who is gives Netflix a huge […]

Off the Netflix Queue…'Hunter Prey'

What do you get when you mix a small ambitious idea for a sci-fi film with a budget that nearly allows its aspirations to play out? The slick and impressive film Hunter Prey that’s what. Unexpected simplicity combined with high quality visuals yields a product just short of magnificence (yeah this looks stunning in HD) […]

Film Community Potluck Series…'Top Secret!'

For years I have heard great things about Top Secret! but for whatever reason just hadn’t seen it. Now thanks to the current round of movie recommendations at Anomalous Material (suggested by Dan) I have just knocked one hilarious 80’s gem of my “To See” list. A long time coming yes but this was definitely up my […]

Film Community Potluck Series: ‘Outbreak’

Next up in our Film Community Potluck series we have this little “scare you with science” flick from the 90’s. In a world where terrorism, unemployment and terrible economy abound, sometimes its what you can’t see that really give you chills. So just before Halloween here’s another flick (recommended by MoviesCrunch). Great, like there’s not […]

Film Community Potluck Series: 'Terribly Happy'

Castor and Red at Anomalous Material have come up with an idea that is so brilliant and yet simple that I wish I had thought of it:) Taking the “book club” model and turning it into a “Netflix Recommendation Series”, all participants suggest a film then a Potluck drawing decides who watches what. A week later we reconvene […]

So What Will the Future of Home Media Look Like?

The inspiration for this post comes from Dan with his great post on The Grim Future of Video Rental Stores. Check it out, it’s a great read! But his post got me thinking: If people continually stop going “out to get a rental“, or even purchase the film outright, what will happen to all present […]