Exclusive…BBC/Netflix’s ‘Bodyguard’ Theme Remixed by Paul Hartnoll from Orbital

In what should be news to no one, Netflix’s original content has been steadily increasing in both quantity and quality. And if you’ve been keeping up, their TV shows have not only been binge-worthy, they are also exceptionally entertaining. One such show is Bodyguard. Today, we’re thrilled to offer an exclusive for fans of the […]

Video Interview…Alisha Wainwright and Jason Ritter Discuss Themes and Characters of ‘Raising Dion’

This week, the stars of Raising Dion were in Dallas to promote their new Netflix show. It is so good! Adapted from a comic book of the same name, this is a wonderful and engaging story of a single mother dealing with her 8 year-old son, Dion, who just so happens to have super powers. […]

Exclusive: Interview…Mac Quayle Brings Guitars and Gun Fighter Gusto to Netflix’s ‘The Politician’

Composer Mac Quayle is a musician we’ve followed for years. And if you’ve kept up with his output, he’s quite hard to keep track of. One thing is for sure: Mac is very busy and very much in demand. He’s recently worked on four seasons of American Horror Story, as well as Mr. Robot, Feud: […]

[Fantastic Fest Interview]…Director Jim Mickle on Filming ‘In the Shadow of the Moon’

Director Jim Mickle is no stranger to genre filmmaking. He’s made films about cannibals, vampires, and psychopaths and won plenty of fans along the way with We Are What We Are, Stake Land, and Cold in July. In his latest, the upcoming Netflix title, In the Shadow of the Moon, he explores the concept of obsession in […]

Video Interview…David Harbour on Hopper, Horror, and Big Hair in ‘Stranger Things’ Season 3

For most of this year, we’ve been getting ready for the upcoming season of Stranger Things. We’re still more than a week away, but one thing that took our mind off the wait was the chance to speak with David Harbour. That’s right, Police Chief Jim Hopper himself was in Dallas as part of a […]

Interview…Composer Federico Jusid on the New Sound of Netflix’s ‘Watership Down’

Award-winning composer, Federico Jusid, is a multifaceted artist with many titles including concert pianist, conductor, and film and theater producer. He is best known for scoring the Academy Award-winning Best Foreign Language film, The Secret in Their Eyes, which Federico composed with Emilio Kauderer. Earlier this year, Federico completed the score for “This Is Us” creator Dan […]

ALL PASSES CLAIMED – Advance Screening Passes to Netflix’s ‘BRIGHT’ in DALLAS, TX

Attention: CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED – All passes have been claimed. Go,See,Talk is partnering with NETFLIX to give film fans FREE passes to a special Advance Screening of David Ayer’s BRIGHT starring Will Smith. Click the poster below and claim your ticket directly from the GoFoBo website!! ***Note: Use the following promotional link on the ticket […]

Interview…Brian McNelis Discusses Vinyl Releases at Lakeshore Records and Experiences in the Music Industry

Thanks largely to a trip to Record Store Day in 2014, I have become an increasing fan of soundtrack releases on vinyl…and I’ve never looked back. You may have your own go-to retailers, and while a significant portion of my collection is comprised of Mondo titles, Lakeshore Records (the independent music division of Lakeshore Entertainment) […]

G-S-T TV: ‘Orange Is the New Black’ Is Your New Obsession

(We’re trying something new here at Go, See, Talk!: we’re talking about TV now. GST will remain a primarily movie-oriented outlet, but we’re expanding our brand and slowly starting coverage on the television shows that we’re interested in the most.) I’m not going to pretend that I don’t have a tiny bias in favor of […]

Off the Netflix Queue…’Headhunters’

It ain’t easy being short. Boiled away of its particulars, that’s the central theme of Morten Tyldum’s Headhunters, although “don’t involve yourself in corporate espionage” could well be the larger takeaway. After all, no good whatsoever can come from invoking the wrath of Jaime Lannister, especially a Jaime Lannister armed with nano-technology designed in service to […]

Off the Netflix Queue…'Jiro Dreams of Sushi'

If Jiro Ono, the subject of David Gelb’s documentary, Jiro Dreams of Sushi, hadn’t found his passion in making sushi more than seventy years ago, he very well could have found a lucrative, successful career in life coaching. In his 80s and still working more steadfastly and efficiently than most young men in their 20s, […]

Off the Netflix Queue…'The Red Violin'

Go,See,Talk is proud to present this Off the Shelf/Netflix Queue entry as the first post from our new contributing writer Jessica. She’ll be making more appearances on the site in the next few months and we’re glad to have her aboard. So enjoy her view and welcome her to G-S-T. I am drawn to films […]

No More Qwikster, Today or Ever Again!!

In a surprising reversal by Reed Hastings, founder and CEO of Netflix, he’s announced that the DVD split from Netflix would not, repeat NOT be happening. Following the recent, very bold and commercially unpopular changes to Netflix, Hastings has decided to nix the idea of the Streaming/DVD split and instead keep things just as they are now. Whew…that makes me […]

The State of Netflix: From the Mouth of Founder/CEO Reed Hastings

Seems like Netfilx has been in a rough patch as of late. First the rate changes, now the split from Starz Entertainment, and now a rebranding?? We already know that Netflix will continue to stream movies (though they’ll be short 1000+ titles when their contracted Starz catalog agreement expires in Feb 2012) but now there’s […]

Netflix Instant – Death Dealer to the Personal Video Library?

They say that video killed the radio star, and frankly if it wasn’t true they wouldn’t have written a song about it right? Well friends, as per the news from last week, I guess in a few years time we might hear a tune touting how Netflix killed the video store…and I’m guessing a slew of film fans’ personal […]