Final Wave of Fantastic Fest Programming Announced!

It is exactly 8 days and counting until Austin, Texas explodes from the awesomeness of weird and wild films, talent and fans descending upon on it. To make this year all the sweeter (aside from the first ever Mondo-Con), Fantastic Fest is back in the newly renovated South Lamar Alamo Drafthouse where it belongs!! This year […]

Ohhh Look…June's Poster Round Up

This month we saw the start of Summer which included a kick ass assortment of films that lived up to expectations (see our reviews of Man of Steel, The Heat and everything else). But this month we were also treated to a giant helping of posters teasing what’s in store for the coming months. The […]

G-S-T Review…Pusher

After seeing Pusher, the British remake of G-S-T favorite Nicholas Winding Refn’s 1996 debut feature of the same name, I’m still struggling with questions about the cinematic space it ultimately occupies. None of them, mind you, are germane to discussions of the film’s quality which is respectable, so in the end I’m probably just navel […]

G-S-T Review…Drive

To those children of the 80’s, Drive might seem like a welcomed trip in the way back machine to the kinds of dramatic films your parents would watch as you peeked through a cracked door. Not a period piece mind you, or even a true 80’s movie, Nicholas Winding Refn’s film just has a timeless look and feel that is […]

Ohhh, Look…Slick 'Drive' Character Banners/Posters

A few weeks ago Nicolas Winding Refn came through Dallas on a PA tour for his new film Drive. The film, in what I can tell you before the embargo allows us to post the review, is a tight, hard edged film that that is pure noir-styled perfection. Refn has a wonderfully detailed eye and as such […]