G-S-T Review…Solo: A Star Wars Story

A long time ago, as the story goes, there was a scruffy-looking space smuggler. Well, this story is about that beloved scoundrel, only younger and he had yet to herd nerfs. So goes Solo: A Star Wars Story. Aside from being a film people may have wanted (but audiences didn’t need), you might have heard stories […]

Ohhh, Look…’Mortdecai’ Behind-the-Scenes Video

January and February get a bad rap for being the two months when movie studios quietly release films they have little faith in. Well, as you’ll see with Kevin Macdonald’s upcoming Black Sea, the top of the year is not an all out schlockfest. There are some quality gems to be found and, from the […]

Ohhh, Look…’Mortdecai’ Character Posters

Normally, we don’t put up a post just to feature a poster. But today, we got our hands on something that was too good not to share. Lionsgate certainly knows what kind of movie Mortdecai is, and they are having some real fun with the marketing that’s for sure. The film has an amazing cast, but […]

Sweet Trailer…’Mortdecai’

In the first quarter of the year, movie theaters are known to have a large number snore inducing titles. Furthermore, these “dump months” are rife with films that studios have very little faith in. Well, that’s not always the case and to prove it today we have a glimpse of a Johnny Depp vehicle that […]

Sweet Trailer…Wally Pfister’s ‘Transcendence’

If the name Christopher Nolan means anything to you then the name Wally Pfister should be just as familiar. Long time collaborator and Nolan’s go-to cinematographer/visual genius is making his directorial debut with this riveting sci-fi thriller for Warner Bros. This second trailer gives a deeper look into the story but from the images and […]