Post-Bond Pierce Brosnan to Lead Upcoming Thriller ‘I.T.’

We sure have seen a very different sort of Pierce Brosnan since he left the Bond franchise haven’t we? He’s been a pastor, a hitman, a master thief, a businessman, even a robot. He was in Mamma Mia! for cripes sake. So there’s just no stopping the man who would no longer be Bond from taking […]

Principal Photography Begins On Pascal Chaumeil's 'A Long Way Down'

News from across the pond is that principal photography is underway on A Long Way Down, the adaptation of Nick Hornby’s (‘About A Boy’, ‘High Fidelity’) irreverent hit novel. Directed by Pascal Chaumeil (Heartbreaker, Fly Me to the Moon) with a screenplay by Jack Thorne (How I Live Now, The Scouting Book for Boys) and is […]

Sweet Trailer…'Salvation Boulevard'

Yesterday we featured the indie flick Lucky and wouldn’t ya know it, we have a trailer for another DIFF film that got picked up. Neat, only too bad for me that I didn’t know this trailer dropped last month. Adapted from Larry Beinhart’s book of the same name, Salvation Boulevard tells the tale of mega-church […]

Yi-Ha!!…The G-S-T Trailer Round-Up!!

With this being the end of my first week back from my Honeymoon, I am now absolutely, positively caught up on all that I had missed while being in Australia. Wow, a lot can happen in 2 weeks, huh?! So for anyone out there who also missed a sizable chunk of entertainment goodness, here’s a comprehensive collection of films […]