Sweet (Red Band) Trailer…'Movie 43'

What is this? The ABC’s of Comedy? Well for 4 years now a little project called Movie 43 has been in production and this is the first taste of the off-the-wall humor we can expect. The ensemble comedy boasts a plethora of major league talents and directors doing what they do best; make us laugh. […]

Sweet (Red Band) Trailer…'Ted'

Below is the red band trailer for the new comedy Ted which is written, directed and starring Seth MacFarlane. A master of comedy and one of the more edgy and brilliant minds in entertainment, MacFarlane is never one to pull punches with his material. If you ever had a teddy bear as a child forget […]

Sweet (Extended Red Band) Trailer…'21 Jump Street'

Next week we’ll see the big screen adaptation of 21 Jump Street. Sorry Johnny Depp fans, save for the name, it shares next to nothing in common with the 80’s TV show. We’ve seen a slew of trailers and TV spots but this extended Red Band trailer (thanks MTV) just might put them all to shame. There’s also […]