G-S-T Review…The Amazing Spider-Man

In an ever improving and expanding world of comic book super hero films, Marc Webb (500 Days of Summer) give us a new Spider-Man, one that is in many cases, an improvement over what Sony was so desperate to reboot. There’s lots of changes but where to begin? Well everything we’ve previously seen or knew, as to be expected in a […]

Sweet Trailer…Four-Minute Extended Preview of ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’

Like all great trailers, this 4 minute preview of Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man has been teased, hyped and like the two that came before it, TOTALLY delivers. Endless love for Raimi and Maguire aside, this looks fantastic. As you might suspect, 4 minutes will show more than you probably wanted to see but it […]

Sweet (2nd) Trailer…'The Amazing Spider-Man'

The term “jaw-dropping” gets thrown around a lot when talking about films. But how many trailers do you recall that you think deserved to be called the same? Today we have the second full trailer for Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man and I think it is totally jaw-dropping!! Many, many people were curious to see how anyone […]

G-S-T Review…Anonymous

What if the person you thought was your hero really wasn’t who he’s been made out to be? An interesting, if deflating, premise to say the least and one that has more potential, historically speaking, than any of the other Emmerich produced/directed films. But as this is a story of a character who is held […]