Interview…Ludwig Göransson Goes the Distance with ‘Creed II’

2018 has been a tremendous year for Swedish-born Ludwig Göransson. He’s composed music to five films released this year alone to say nothing of his TV and songwriting credits. A phenomenal musician, and, seemingly, the hardest working man in the business, he’s quick to shrug off the praise, but his output is as varied as it […]

Sweet Trailer…’CREED II’

To use some boxing vernacular, when Ryan Coogler‘s Creed came out in 2015, it hit me a left hook (the film and the score). Earlier this week, we got our first look at the sequel to this new Rocky-based franchise. To be honest, this does comes as a bit of a surprise. Not just because […]

Sweet Trailer…Rocky Spin-off ‘Creed’

We haven’t posted many trailers lately (being new Dad takes a lot of time) but this one I had to jump on. The upcoming Rocky spin-off, Creed, will follow the story of Adonis Creed, son of former heavyweight champion Apollo. Michael B. Jordan stars as the titular lead, and, you guessed it, he will seek out […]

Go, See, Thank: The Directors, Movies, and Actors We're Grateful For

We’re a seasonal group here at Go, See, Talk!– one only need go back a month to our Halloween tournament for proof!– and so in the spirit of Turkey Day and giving thanks, we all got together and hand-picked one director, movie, and actor or actress apiece who we’re thankful for. If you know us […]

Off the Shelf…'Rocky Balboa'

When it first came out in theaters, I ventured out in the cold Christmas Day to see the 6th and final Rocky.  Well, it’s been a few years and piggybacking on my Off the Shelf write up of the first Rocky, I got the urge to watch the rest of the series (omitting part 5 […]

Off the Shelf…'Rocky'

Dun nun nun nun nun nun nun nun nun nun, dun nun nun nun nun nun nun nun nun nun, nun nun nun nun nun nun nun nuuuun…..dun nun nuuuun, dun nun nuuun…well for those of you thinking a couple of keys got stuck on my keyboard, that was actually my piss poor attempt to […]