Roundtable Discussion with ‘Real Steel′ Animatronic Supervisor JOHN ROSENGRANT

John Rosengrant has been creating groundbreaking special effects for films since working with Stan Winston on The Terminator.  He did spectacularly seamless VFX work for Dreamworks’ Real Steel and his marriage of practical and CG robots really helped sell the heart of this wonderful family film. He’s worked on all sorts of films from sci-fi classics like The Terminator and Predator […]

Roundtable Interview Discussion with ‘Shame’ Director Steve McQueen & Actor Michael Fassbender

On November 17th, writer/director Steve McQueen and actor Michael Fassbender stopped in Dallas as part of a whirlwind PA tour to promote their new movie Shame. McQueen and Fassbender held this very private round table discussion to talk about their brilliant and controversial film. Having worked together on the powerful fact-based film Hunger the two have undeniable chemistry and […]

Roundtable Discussion with ‘The Lion King’ Producer Don Hahn

Proving that what’s old is new again, Disney’s re-release of The Lion King (this time in 3D) took the box office for the second week in a row. It’s great that after almost 20 years kids that grew up with such an iconic film are now able to share it with their children. Guess that’s the […]

Roundtable Discussion with ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides ′ VFX Supervisor Ben Snow

Ben Snow is one of the ILM Visual Effects Supervisors and with an outstanding resume (you should just check out his IMDb page or see his bio at the bottom of this post), his latest work on Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides gave life and depth to the beautiful but deadly mermaids. Go, See, Talk and other movie sites […]

Roundtable Discussion with 'I Am Number 4' VFX Supervisor BILL GEORGE

ILM Visual Effects Supervisor, BILL GEORGE has worked on some of the most amazing sci-fi films in movie history…just check out his IMDb page if you don’t believe me. And as a member of the legendary Industrial Light and Magic, he’s worked with and among the very best in the business. A sci-fi guy through and […]