G-S-T TV: Low Winter Sun (S1, Ep 2: The Goat Rodeo)

Episode 2 of AMC’s Low Winter Sun continues with the dark storyline and things are looking good for this new series. Following an unauthorized search of Mc Cann’s house by the DPD, Frank finds evidence that could have an immeasurable impact on the dynamic of his world. Elsewhere Maya and Damon find themselves rethinking their previously […]

G-S-T TV: Low Winter Sun (S1, Pilot)

Continuing with a hit streak that is very near white-hot, on Sunday AMC debuted the pilot for their new crime drama Low Winter Sun. Starring Mark Strong and Lennie James, two big league players in the British film community, this story of detectives walking a line between shady and legit is gritty, concentrated, and very […]