To All You 'Gladiator' Blu Ray Owners…

Hello World Marc Here: While I’m not much on A/V tech news this is movie related (and regarding one of my all time favorite films) so it behooves me to tell you all as no doubt it affects some of you cinephiles out there. Anyone who rushed out in 2009 and snatched up Paramount’s Sapphire […]

Zack Snyder's 'Man of Steel' Adds Russell Crowe As Jor-El

Crikey!! While the Supes front has been quiet since the last A-list addition, out of left field comes the casting news of the millennium!! OK maybe not that great but certainly an eye opener for sure. And why not?? Russel Crowe, if you’ll excuse my French, is the effen man!! Variety has just released info that […]

Off the Shelf…’Master and Commander: Far Side of the World’

In light of the other more commercially successful film about swashbuckling, this Russell Crowe vehicle, I think, stands up to all three Jack Sparrow adventures and still comes out ahead. Further I think this is vastly under appreciated and although not as marketable or appealing to children as Depp’s Sparrow, it is still a solid and(at times) equally exciting film. In […]

Sweet Trailer…'The Next Three Days'

I read something about this a few months ago and while it sounded intriguing, I just forgot about it. So time went by and here we have the a trailer for the latest from Russell Crowe and Oscar Winning writer/director Paul Haggis (Crash). American Gangster and State of Play didn’t do much for me but […]

G-S-T Review…Robin Hood

In Hollywood circles, there’s been some constant actor director tag teams in the past, Johnny Depp,/Tim Burton, Nic Cage/Jerry Bruckheimer, DeNiro(and DiCaprio)/Scorsese to name a few. But if there’s one team that continues to impress, it’s the one, two punch of Ridley Scott and Russell Crowe. Well those two were at it again, this time to tell the story of […]

Sweet Trailer…'Robin Hood'

Well the day has come dear friends…the final trailer for Sir Ridley Scott’s upcoming Robin Hood. The trailer just before Christmas was good, the Super Bowl spots (although short) were better but now we have the best trailer yet…well, one would hope because it is the last before it hits theaters on May 14, 2010. […]

Ohhh, look 'Robin Hood' trailer and photos galore…

Sometimes there are no words for something so cool.  Well this is one of those times!!  After waiting and anticipating the Ridley Scott/Russell Crowe Robin Hood film, here is a great bunch of images to wet out appetites.  So again, no words, just behold!! And for the icing on the cake, the teaser trailer…let’s hope Youtube […]

G-S-T Quick 5 – Hollywood's finest working (foreign) actors

I’ve often said that some of the best American actors aren’t even from America.  Without much more reasoning, other than I immensely like these actors and the varied parts the play, I present G-S-T’s latest Quick 5 list. Let me clarify, right off the bat, that this list is not some pretentious or whimsical list […]

Off the Netflix Queue…'L.A. Confidential'

I would say I am a sucker for anything considered a period piece and set in the American 30s, 40’s and 50’s.  There’s just something cool and almost mythical about the way people dressed, spoke and lived.  Technology was nothing compared to what we have today but certain things like a radio and TV in […]

Off the Shelf…'3:10 to Yuma'

Let me start by saying that I have never seen the original 3:10 to Yuma so I have no basis for comparison nor did I cry blasphemy at the idea of this remake.  I usually try to see the originals before their remakes (which,most times, are less than flattering) but something about most Hollywood “golden […]