G-S-T Review…For a Good Time, Call…

For those of you who grew up in the 1980’s, or were old enough to experience that period of filmmaking, it was a great era for the movie industry.  There were so many movies that made us laugh, cry and feel a myriad of other emotions.  One genre really stands out during that period; comedy.  […]

“The CineMagic 8-Ball” – In Theaters 8/31/12

When so many movies are released each weekend and trailers often seem better than the movie itself, what should one do? In this precarious situation, we consult the The CineMagic 8-Ball (TM) to help us see through the nebulous marketing haze. Doing so just might save us all a disheartening trip to the cinema and […]

G-S-T Review…Take This Waltz

“Life has a gap in it,” says Sarah Silverman, as Gerdaline, a recovering alcoholic. “You don’t go crazy trying to fill it, like some lunatic.” This is the conflict Sarah Polley’s poignant and sobering film, Take This Waltz, wrestles with, as it takes a look at the human fear of the in between places in […]