Off the Netflix Queue…’Upstream Color’

Shane Carruth makes double-edged films. They’re the sort of art-oriented enterprises that utterly thrill me on spiritual, emotional, and intellectual levels, movies that confound, enlighten, dazzle, and bewilder all in equal turn; they’re also frequently cryptic to the point that articulating my feelings on them proves excessively difficult. Put more simply, Carruth’s cinema wows me […]

The Shape of Things to Come – GST’s Most Anticipated Films of 2013

We’ve closed the books on 2012 here at Go, See, Talk!– you can catch up on all of our individual takes on the year here, here, here, and here— and officially declared it “great”. That means that the time for retrospection has come and gone, and the time to look ahead has arrived. If 2012 […]

Sweet Trailer…'Upstream Color'

Since his debut feature, Primer, hit theaters eight years ago, Shane Carruth has been a quiet presence in the world of cinema– threatening to make new pictures, always backing away from them due to lack of funding. Turns out he’s been making a movie behind our backs: last week he announced that he’d be showing his […]

Dallas Filmmakers Make Sundance Line-Up

Yesterday, The Sundance Institute announced their 2013 line-up of US and World Cinema Competition films as well as films in their NEXT program line-up. As several of us from the Go, See, Talk team are Dallasites, we were delighted to see some familiar Dallas names associated with films that made the list. Among these films were David Lowery’s […]