[Fantastic Fest Review]…Takashi Miike’s First Love

To the genre film community, very few directors have the longevity of Japanese icon Takashi Miike. Known for seminal yakuza and samurai films plenty, Miike’s latest is a crazy, go-for-broke gang war film that is an all-out blast. Weaving multiple characters and plot lines ​injected with a lot of unexpected humor, First Love is far a far cry from Audition […]

Sweet Trailer…'Hara-Kiri: Death Of A Samurai'

Takashi Miike isn’t known for pulling his punches and his films aren’t for the faint of heart. In 2010, the man who gave us Ichi The Killer and Audition did a 180 and gave us one of the most surprising remakes in the last few years with his version of 13 Assassins. Well it’s good […]

DIFF Review…13 Assassins

Takashi Miike paints a samurai film for the ages with his gripping epic 13 Assassins. A gritty story about 13 Ronin tasked with killing the corrupt son of the Shogun, Miike sends a love letter to Akira Kurosawa that would make any filmmaker envious of such a compliment. Right off the bat Miike recounts this true story by […]