Interview…Temuera Morrison on Sci-Fi Roles and His ‘Warriors’ Roots

When you need a rugged and hard-hitting actor in film circles, the list isn’t very long when it comes to raw, unbridled energy. You probably think I’m talking about the Christian Bales or Daniel Day-Lewises of the world, but not today. I’d like to turn your attention to Temuera Morrison who is not only a […]

Interview…Aussie Director Shane Abbess on the Nostalgic and Collaborative Framework Behind ‘The Osiris Child’

It’s been almost one full​ year ​since Shane Abbess’ ​Science Fiction Volume One: The Osiris Child made its world premiere a​t​ Fantastic Fest ​late September 2016​. Whether there was something in the air at the fest, or simply the joy of seeing this retro styled sci-fi spectacle on the big screen among hundreds of genre fans, […]