First Official Look At The Wolfpack in 'The Hangover Part III'

The second at bat for Todd Phillips and his fictional band of brothers was not a favorable one. The Hangover II was just a lifeless rehash of Phillips’s unexpected but meteorically successful first Hangover film. Fans and critics alike were amazed (not to mention disappointed) how following the formula to a T could have resulted […]

Sweet Trailer…'The Hangover: Part II'

Todd Phillips’ The Hangover turned out to be the surprise hit of 2009. Phillips has been hard at work on the follow up and this looks like it’ll be an equally uproarious adventure with The Wolfpack coming back for round II. This time the trio (yup again missing Justin Bartha from the looks of it) […]

G-S-T Top 10 – Buddy Flicks

First off, let me preface this by saying that trying to compile a great buddy flick list is going to be hard enough.  There are so many movies that fit this description it’s almost it’s own genre.  To widdle it down to 10 was near impossible so at the bottom I have some very deserving […]