Sweet Podcast…The MILFcast (w/ G-S-T and The List)

Hello World, Marc Here: Last weekend I recorded a MILFcast episode (which is the Man I Love Films podcast) with my buddy Kai of The List and my estranged cinematic sibling Heather from Movie Mobsters. In short insanity did abound but the episode was really better for it:) Further, it was a probably the most fun […]

The List’s “Films You Didn’t Know You Needed to See”

In an awesome series of posts entitled “Films You Didn’t Know You Needed to See” Kai of The List, asks guest bloggers to call out the best films that no one knows about. Go,See,Talk has been invited to contribute to this sereis and we happily accepted. I highly suggest you head on over to The List and Readers are […]