Sweet (International) Trailer…'Jupiter Ascending’

You’ve got to hand it to the Wachowski siblings – whether you like (or understand) their films they repeatedly put things on screen the likes of which we’ve never seen before. But, at the cost of losing the audience, do they go too far? Perhaps but they’ve amassed a very loyal following even if their […]

G-S-T Review…Side By Side

For over 100 years photo chemical film has been the gold standard in the film industry. But in the last two decades the advent and advances in digital technology have offered filmmakers a cheaper, easier and sometimes better alternative as a means to capture images and tell stories. In Side by Side, Keanu Reeves and writer/director Chris […]

G-S-T Top 10 – Kick-Ass Films To Kick Off Your Summer

They say that there ain’t no cure for the summertime blues, but hopefully that’s not true. After some thought I think I have one remedy for all you heat riddled film fans in the form of 10 incendiary and bombastic action titles. These flicks serve aren’t like any of Christopher Nolan’s intellectual roller-coaster rides, but rather fun […]