Mike Matessino Remembers John Williams’ Score for ‘Empire of the Sun’

On December 25th, 1987 Steven Spielberg’s film Empire of the Sun hit theaters. There’s a point in the surreal adaptation where we see a very young Christian Bale cheer on the famous WWII-era fighter-bombers he hopes would liberate his character’s internment camp; very ecstatically he sings their praises, “P-51! Cadillac of the sky!“

Interview…Voice Artist and Film Music Specialist Tim Burden

We at GoSeeTalk claim to be huge film score fans but there’s someone we know who puts both our passion and knowledge to shame. Hailing from London, living in Northern Ireland since 1990, host on a number of film and music related outlets, including his own “Movie Magic” show, is one Tim Burden. Raised on golden […]