James Bond January – 'License To Kill'

James Bond January continues with my favorite actor to play him, master thespian Timothy Dalton. James Bond’s wild, dangerous and unique missions are one of the elements that makes his character and the series so popular. Sure there’s gadgets, women and exotic locales which seem so abundant they fall out his pockets on screen but […]

Timothy Dalton's latest: 'The Tourist'

Well this is a good way to end the week if you ask me. From Screen Rant, we get news of one of my favorite (and yes Ruth, underrated) actors joining a talented cast for an upcoming role which sounds like a winner already. In The Tourist, an American (played byJohnny Depp) travels to Italy […]

Off the Shelf…'The Rocketeer'

For a lot of people out there, the idea of a comic book movie and the reality of one rarely meet in the middle in terms of financial (or fan) success much to the dismay of most audiences.  Countless times, studios have tempted us with intriguing premises for film adaptations of beloved comic book stories […]