Off the Shelf…'TRON: Legacy'

TRON – loved/hated, esoteric and dated has, after 28 years, been given a proper sequel. This isn’t the first time a film has been dusted off and given a follow-up after the fact, but the real question is (in the case of TRON specifically): How do you make a nearly 30 year old property relevant […]

When Is It "Too Late" (Or Unnecessary) To Make A Sequel?

Inspired by the home video release of TRON: Legacy and the original TRON (for the first time on Blu Ray) hitting shelves today, I wanted to look at popular stand alone films/franchises that have several years (even decades) between installments. To date, some are good, some are bad and there are scheduled/rumored sequels to some older […]

Ohhh, Look…'Tron: Legacy' and 'Black Swan' VFX Featurettes

2010 was a big year for Visual Effects. Films like Inception have had effects work (both practical and CG) seamlessly woven into the film which created just jaw dropping and memorable sequences. While Inception has deservingly received an Oscar nominated for it’s achievements, other visually striking films (like the two in our header) have struck out. From […]

Ohhh, Look…Fan-Made "For Your Oscar Consideration" Poster

This goes out to all you fans of Daft Punk. More specifically those of you who LOVE their music from TRON Legacy. While it was at time the score was so much more exciting than the film, Daft Punk knocked this right out of the park. Apparently I’m not the only one who thought highly of it as […]

G-S-T Review…Tron Legacy

It still boggles my mind that after nearly 30 years anyone would want to go back to a film that has the dual notoriety of being a flop* as well as a cult classic. Something of a black sheep in the Disney family of films Tron, before now, was relatively unknown to most modern audiences. […]

Does Viral Marketing Guarantee Cinematic Success?

We’ve seen how well the viral marketing for The Dark Knight was executed.  The movie was the highest grossing film of 2008 and now sits at 3nd on the All Time Box Office Chart (under both of Cameron’s uber successful films), and for those of you who still didn’t notice, it raked in over 1 billion dollars when […]