Interview…Composer Bill Brown Scores Season 2 of Dominion for Syfy

Bill Brown is an award-winning composer and creative force behind the musical scores of fan-favorite TV, film and video game thrillers, dramas and super-hero adventures. Widely recognized for his experimental approach to developing a unique sound and for creating dynamic orchestral landscapes, Bill is best known for composing the compelling musical backdrop for all nine […]

Sweet TV Trailer…'Gotham'

While we’re not really into TV programs (well, we watch a lot of it we just don’t report/post much of it), we’re excited about what Fox will give Bat-fans this fall. As films, namely comic-based ones, are continually finding success having their universes explored and expanded on the small screen (you ever hear of a […]

G-S-T TV: American Horror Story: Coven (3.1, "Bitchcraft")

In one episode, American Horror Story: Coven (“season 3”, in typical television vernacular) has established a keener focus than was seen in the whole stretch of last year’s Asylum. That’s an achievement in and of itself; Asylum, unlike the series’ premiere installment, Murder House, went all over the place and brought the kitchen sink back with it. […]

G-S-T TV: Low Winter Sun (S1 Finale, Ep 9/10: Ann Arbor/Surrender)

10 is a nice round number – it seems substantive, concise and to the point, right? How fitting it is that AMC’s Low Winter Sun also has 10 episodes? The answer is not at all. As season 1 comes to a close it was clear, even before its collective midway mark, there was nothing substantive […]

G-S-T TV: Low Winter Sun (S1, Ep 7: There Was A Girl)

AMC’s Low Winter Sun is rounding third and hoping for a win. In this episode Frank and Joe look to get a break in the McCann case. Frank confronts Damon and Maya at their house with a warrant charging him with Billy’s murder. They bring Damon and his crew in as a suspects and try to […]

Interview…Film and TV Composer John Swihart Discusses Scoring ‘How I Met Your Mother’

CBS’ wildly popular sitcom How I Met Your Mother is nearing its end and kicks off its 9th and final season this evening. Prior to the premier of tonight’s episode we got to chat with the show’s composer John Swihart to talk about his work on the show. In addition to How I Met Your Mother […]

G-S-T TV: Low Winter Sun (S1, Ep 6: The Way Things Are)

Like that old expression “slow and steady wins the race” AMC’s Low Winter Sun is getting better and in Episode 6 all the horses are getting up to speed, staring with its slowest. Following the shootout at the Blind Pig and the subsequent death of one of his friends, Damon (James Ransone) is running out […]

G-S-T TV: Low Winter Sun (S1, Ep 5: Cake On the Way)

In the previous episodes of AMC’s Low Winter Sun, things have been quasi-interesting. Frank (Mark Strong) and Joe (Lennie James) have been trying to cover up the fact that they killed a corrupt cop who allegedly killed Frank’s hooker girlfriend Katia. On the other, darker side of the Motor City, Damon shot Billy, a low-level […]


Attention: CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED – All passes have been claimed. Thanks for your interest in NBC’s THE BLACKLIST. ———————————————————————————————————————————— Go,See,Talk is partnering with NBC to give Dallas area fans FREE passes to an “Advance Screening” of NBC’s upcoming TV drama THE BLACKLIST starring James Spader, Megan Boone, Diego Klattenhoff, Harry Lennix, and Ryan Eggold. NBC will be holding special screenings in […]

G-S-T TV: Low Winter Sun (S1, Ep 4: Catacombs)

Those somewhat invested in AMC’s Low Winter Sun might find it deflating that the creators have set this new series to cruise control so early in the season. In episode 4 Frank has traveled to Windsor, Ontario in hopes of finding Katia (Mickey Summer) while Joe makes sure home fires continue to burn and keeps IA at bay […]

G-S-T TV: Low Winter Sun (S1, Ep 3: No Rounds)

In the third episode of AMC’s Low Winter Sun, Frank (Mark Strong) and Joe (Lennie James) continue their attempts to cover up the evidence in McCann’s murder. Elsewhere in the city Damon and his crew do everything they can to prepare for the opening of The Blind Pig – a seedy strip club and cover […]

G-S-T TV: Low Winter Sun (S1, Ep 2: The Goat Rodeo)

Episode 2 of AMC’s Low Winter Sun continues with the dark storyline and things are looking good for this new series. Following an unauthorized search of Mc Cann’s house by the DPD, Frank finds evidence that could have an immeasurable impact on the dynamic of his world. Elsewhere Maya and Damon find themselves rethinking their previously […]

G-S-T TV: ‘Orange Is the New Black’ Is Your New Obsession

(We’re trying something new here at Go, See, Talk!: we’re talking about TV now. GST will remain a primarily movie-oriented outlet, but we’re expanding our brand and slowly starting coverage on the television shows that we’re interested in the most.) I’m not going to pretend that I don’t have a tiny bias in favor of […]

Spielberg & Hanks Attain Source Material For Third WWII Miniseries

Band of Brothers and its follow-up/counter part The Pacific are two fantastic WWII HBO miniseries from Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks. They play on TV all the time and seem to run non-stop on Spike TV and the like between Memorial Day and the 4th of July. They’re always worth the time and it’s almost […]