Anne Hathaway Circling Modern-Day Rendition of 'Taming of the Shrew'

Anne Hathaway has the kind of star power that lends excitement to nearly any project she chooses to associate with, so it’s nice to see her sign onto a production with huge potential. Yesterday, news hit that Hathaway– fresh off a great year, a Golden Globe win, and a so-surefire-it-hurts lock on an Academy win– […]

Sweet Trailer…'Skyline'

Last month a very intriguing and awesome looking teaser for Universal’s Skyline hit the web. Immediately I was hooked. Part Independence Day, part Transformers, part Cloverfield and just 200% slick looking, I was sooo looking forward to this. Now we get the official second trailer. While I will admit it is nearly as stunning the first […]