Pixar Family Favorites Returning To AMC THEATRES For Memorial Day Weekend

With the summer movie season heating up, four popular Disney•Pixar movies are returning exclusively to AMC Theatres for the Memorial Day holiday weekend. From May 25 through May 28, Toy Story 3, Ratatouille, Up and WALL•E will be featured at AMC locations around the country. Theater goers will get a special treat for coming out to the cinema. […]

Exclusive: Video Interview…Film Composer Michael Giacchino

To close out their Masters of Film Music series, the Dallas Symphony Orchestra has invited Oscar-winning film composer Michael Giacchino (pronounced “Juh-keen-oh“) to conduct a retrospective concert from May 18th – 20th. The set list, which he’s calling Stories of Islands, Balloons and Space, will include a number of his most popular and well-loved themes/music including Lost, Up, Star Trek, Super 8 and Ratatoulie. While […]

The 82nd Academy Awards: Na'vi for "Suck it, Cameron"

Well boy was I very very impressed with the Oscars last night. While I’m not going to do a very thorough recap of the Oscar, I’ll simply say that they again were an amazing success. Following a similar path to the look and feel of last year’s show (hosted by master-classman Hugh Jackman), the 82nd […]

Sweet Pixar short…'George and AJ'

You know, some films just stick so deep with you that once the movie is over, you find yourself constantly thinking about it.  I have that happen to me from time to time and wondering “what happens next?” and other times I wonder what is happening tandem with the story (but off screen) and how […]

G-S-T Review…Up

PREMISE: Left moderately bitter, and ultimately alone, after his wife’s passing, Carl Fredricksen is now pressured to sell his house in the face of urban development, but he’s not moving one inch.  After a slight altercation with the contractors waiting outside his door, he’s being forced out of his home and into an assisted living […]